28 August 2011

Kek Lapis Sarawak - Masam Manis

My very first kek lapis Sarawak turns out well yeyyy!!!! BUT (mine the big cap hehe) it took me a good 6 hours in the kitchen just to finish up layering the whole cakes. My oh my, i keep on telling myself, why am i deciding to do this cake in the first place??? Sakit pinggang, sakit kaki, siap bersandar tepi dinding dan tido, sempat mandikan Ammar, feed him, had few rounds of breastfeeding...huhhh memacam lagilah. I started as early as 7.30am, and only managed to have these specialty cakes around 2.30pm..just imagine u ols, kalau tido dah boleh termimpi-mimpi dahhhh!!

Anyway, the recipe was given by mak (i.e. my MIL). I weigh each layer around 80g to get that equal size. Since i still hv few leftover for the batter, decided to alter the recipe a bit and made a cocoa mocha layer cake....hehehe taste good as well, at least to my liking lahh :)

Oklah, enjoy the pics...takdela cun sgt, for a beginner kan! If i can recalled this evening i vowed that this will be my first n the last kek lapis! Next yr beli sajela..but after i had that first bite after iftar, hmmmm probably i'm willing to give it another go next time...penat yg memang berbaloi-baloi!!!

kek lapis Masam Manis..i use 3 packs of Hawflakes. Also bright red & green coloring for the layers

make 13 layers and later I decided to use the remaining batter for another diff cake!

done packing for umi and MIL

Tadaaaaa...my very own Cocoa Mocha Layer Cake :) A combination of mocha emulco, chocolate emulco n cocoa powder, with lil bit of yellow and brown coloring for the layers

slice the cakes into two, and layer it with peanut butter & grape...hehe sukahati wat kek lapis version sendiri :p

from the looks, i know there're lots more to improve betul tak? :p

Ok dokie peeps, signing off now. But bef that, i would like to wish to everyone Salam Hari Raya!!! To whoever going back to ur kampung halaman, drive safely...hv a fun and bless raya peeps. Maaf Zahir Batin from us :)


tinidewi said...

lain kali tak payah weigh, instead ko guna senduk. satu layer satu senduk.

laydida said...

pakai tepung ape kek asam manis tu?

yatiscloset said...

k.tini - tq! ntah ade lain kali ke idak pasni hoho (malas!!)

huda - guna cream crackers instead of flour :)