01 December 2012

5 different flavours in a week..and am loving it!

Got the opportunity to bake 5 different cake flavors in a week. Pretty hectic i'd say as i keep on checking whether i hv the right n enough ingredients in the kitchen every other day :p

First up for the week was dark chocolate brownies for Syazwani specially ordered for her hubby. Thanks for the nice review dear..glad u both loved it :)

Next in line was "the melt-in-your-mouth" red velvet cup cakes as called by Zarid, ordered for her bff's birthday. Thanks Zarid for ur order! 

with a matching color 'Happy Birthday' tag. She had to collect the cake at my place as early as 630am on the next day as she didnt want her kids to have a sight at the cuppies when she got none to offer to them. Sori zarid, next time bila ade lebey aku roger yer!
My biggest project of the week i.e. victoria sandwich cake layered with blueberry jem fillings & buttercream, finished with a combination of white & turquoise color buttercream & white sugar paste flowers. It was a last minute change for the client and am happy she loved the outcome n surprise :)

It was for Munirah who for the first time jadi kakak pengantin and bz running errands here n there. After few rounds of exchanging emails i learnt that she is actually the twin's cousin!

Munirah also requested for cup cakes to accompany the cake. So i suggested for a choc moist cup cakes with the same color theme.

safely picked up by the client around 630am this morning.Sgt awal kan hehe. I slept at 2am and woke up around 6am to standby...mmg sgt lalok rasa!

Last but not least, this is a devils food chocolate cake layered with strawberry-flavoured buttercream, choc chips & blueberry jem fillings. Covered with Upin Ipin edible image, buttercream and M&Ms on each side of the cake. Thanks Aida for the 100% trust given - from the idea, flavour, design, everything! :)

Dania now is as big as Ammar! Esok masuk sekolah skali :p

Ok Malaysia dah jaring 2 gol lawan dgn Indonesia mlm nih...keep up the gud work Harimau Malaya aummmm!


LiTtLe^m3 said...

teringin red valvet akak la :)

y@tipruzz said...

kasik notice 4-5 hari ye dik :)