02 December 2012

Chocolate & cheese..always the perfect combination!

Thanks to whoever first invented the recipe, this devils food cake will always become my all-time favourite. A rich and moist chocolate cake that was frosted with cream cheese and finally topped with chocolate ganache, this cake surely will become a crowd-pleaser during any occassion...be it a birthday party, tea-time, official ceremony, you just name it :)

For the first time i received a request from the owner to write this Happy Holiday tag :)

This 1.5kg cake was ordered by k.eiza, a sweet young mama who is now taking care of 7 grown-up kids! SEVEN ok i repeat... and she's just 34 if i were not mistaken! perghh hebat hebat! 3 of her kids are now down with chicken pox n still recovering at home..imagine betapa susahnya nak jaga kan. And she got twin babies some more...kecik lagi :) May Allah ease your journey in bringing up the kids kak eiza amin...

fatty New Zealand fresh strawberries..mmg lazat! I just had these with 2 slices of carrot cake paired with La Cremeria Chocolate Obsession ice cream...life is really full of sweetness :p

Here go a marble cheese brownies ordered by a neighbour Isma for a makan2 event at her office.

Bau sgt mengancam..baker mmg tergoda time packing ni :p
a continuity from my previous entry. My two-tier wedding cake in action! Thanx Aida for the pic..sgt terharu okeh! Alhamdulillah the cake was well enjoyed by the family..rasa lega sgt :)

Last but not least, my devils food cake that becomes the birthday girl's cake during a party held by a neighbour. Ada clown, ada magician, ada face painting, and loads of balloon! mmg meriah n sakan!

 ammar jadi samurai!

 My neighbour aka host of the day...Aida and her 2-yr old sweet birthday girl Dania :) Birthday girl menjerit terkejut bila ditegur dek mr Clown :p

pakcik Magician tgh beraksi. Abg clown suruh kids dance ala2 Gangnam Style :p

 The whole set. Mmg meriah kan! Dania is a big fan of Upin Ipin..sebab tu ada belon upin ipin kat belakang tu :)

nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday before potong kek

Ok dokie...tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of a hectic week in my life. Works really at its peak right now...haihhh how i wish there will be no Monday in a week!


LiTtLe^m3 said...

yeayy esok dpt RV

y@tipruzz said...

hehe nnt review tau :)

LiTtLe^m3 said...

jeng jeng jeng... the review..... oh my god, the RV melt in the mouth... traffic jem dari bukit bintang nk blk rumah, hubby sibuk nk mkn cup cakes tu... fyi he is not a fan of cakes/dessert. blk rumah terus bukak n ngap.. n now tgh ngap for supper... hikhikhikhik... lazatsss sungguh.

y@tipruzz said...

Maceh dik glad u both liked it :))) sama review plak ngn k.zarid..melt in the mouth :p

y@tipruzz said...

Maceh dik glad u both liked it :))) sama review plak ngn k.zarid..melt in the mouth :p