06 December 2012

a little red chased your blues away?

People says sweet things at time does soothe away your anxiety, for some it becomes a perfect stress-reliever just like coffee or chocolates. For a sweet-tooth person like me, i enjoy cakes, chocolates or ice cream all year long, regardless during my ups or downs haha

Red velvet cup cakes for a sweet young couple cum my junior back in MMU yrs ago. Thanx baiti for ur order! Glad u both liked it :)

Devils food orange choc cake with orange cheese frosting for a colleague in the same division, who mistakenly burst out to my GM that "yati does bake cakes". OMG malu giler ok, i seriously wish i can zipped her mouth during the conversation. Now my big bos knows im a baker...ahhh malu malu.

Original version of devils food choc cake for my neighbour Isma. Saja suka2 nak letak nama 'Prince' ...tak dpt register dlm ic, register atas kek pon jadikla eh :p

This is an ad hoc order from my staff. The rv will take its way to Kuantan-Terengganu early tomorrow morning for a family-get-together. Enjoy the cups dik...jgn stress2 bukak email :p

creamylicious cream cheese frosting...ish baker sendiri pon meleleh time pipe the frosting :p

Anyway last 2 days i got a message from dear customers of which their reviews truly made my day!

Salam yati, i hope it's not too late to thank you for your superb and mouth watering wedding cake. both bride and groom loved it to bits! nnt nk try yg lain pula hehe..thanks darl.

Kek sedap sedap sedap.. sampai menjilat jari.. ehhe.. potong kecik-kecik biar lambat habis.. the kidz ada yang suka ada, yang tak berapa, ada yang eyeing for strawberry je (sabor je la)… The cake is perfect with strawberry, but I’m curious how it would taste with dark chocolate as topping (I am a fan of dark choc hehhe)..

Cuma akak perasan masa mula-mula makan tu rasanya cheese frosting tu rasa macam a bit too sweet tapi lama-lama ok plak. Memang macam tu ke?

Kesimpulannya, kek sedap.. makin lama makin sedap :p. Thanks yati, lain kali boleh order lagi… 

Kiranya berbaloi penat lelah stay up sampai tgh mlm buat kek...thanks for ur support dear frens...i am more than happy if u guys happy eating my cakes :)

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