30 December 2012

Orange Mochachino Cheesecake - our top pick for 2013 collection :)

 One of my personal wishlist for 2013 is to add more varieties to myHotStove's cakes collection. As i went thru several English websites searching and hunting for the best cake recipes, i find that the more you do the research, the more pressure you give to the brain. Reading the reviews and comments, what's missing and what to omit, comparing the ingredients across several bakers, arghh do i need to elaborate more? It's like hubby doing his literature review out of thousand of articles but unlike me, a phd in baking? :p

Anyway, let's ease the comparison and benchmarking job then.

Based on my decent several years of experience in baking, what i did is just to twist the original plain cheesecake recipe. Add in some flavours, omit some ingredients and replace with something new, there you go a perfect new cheesecake recipe out of the oven!

So let's meet our latest addition to the kitchen, this is an adaptation from the original and classic traditional baked cheesecake with a slight modern twist to suit your taste bud. Set on a crunchy oreos base, it contains separate layer of mocha and orange flavour, with dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate shavings and powdered sugar as the finishing. The decision of using dark instead of milk chocolate was truly a good one indeed, and i personally now a becomes a dark chocolate lover i must say!

i just love seeing the chocolate curls and shavings...best eaten alone as well :p

A separate orange (bottom) and mocha (top) cheesecake layer as the fillings...truly fulfilling cewahh :)

Officially now becomes my personal recommendation, on top of the best-selling red velvet :) I shall forward the updated cake catalogue to all my customers very soon.

Happy 2013 peeps! May next year becomes a better year than the previous ones. May we all continue be blessed with good health, happiness, iman and taqwa to accompany ourselves as we progress the day insya Allah.


adda syuhada said...

woww sedapnya..suker ngn kek yg ada cheese..suker..suker..

Zuraimah Ismail said...

tak tahannya tengok topping tu....

y@tipruzz said...

K.ct - yours nnt i can put dark choc topping if u want..lemme know ok :)