10 December 2012

Mochachino brownies in the house!

This is devils food cup cakes with milk choc ganache...ordered by my ofismate for her anniversary celebration. The upin ipin edibles may not suit the occasion, but you can't do much when celebrating ur big day with kids right? They will be the ones who are soooo excited upon looking at the cakes before anyone else. So as a good mom or daddy you need to ensure they're pleased and happy even if the cakes were actually meant for ur anniv :p Kids rule nowadays, remember?

Anyway Ros, moga korang bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat amin...:)

Original version of devils food choc cake with cream cheese frosting, from kak Sally to her beloved hub. Sian dia sesat2 sket sebelum berjaya sampai ke rumah ku...walaupun both of us are warga Kajang hehe. Kajang ni besar tauuuu :p Tq kak Sally for ur order..hope u guys enjoy the birthday celebration!

3 packs extra devils food choc cup cakes, with orange cheese frosting. These were taken by azora, k.sally & k.ija. Tq korangs!
First recipe taken from the 'Coffee Morning Cakes' book that i bought during the Big Bad Wolf biggest book fair last Saturday. RM10 jer ok...seriously a very good bargain ever! Took a glance from 1 page to another, and the recipes are all look good n tempting. How i wish i could find time to try out 1 recipe in a day! haha

So after few rounds of doing mental calculation, i decided to give a try to this lovely beauty called.....Mochachino Walnut Brownies!

The method is quite simple, but the recipe calls for expensive ingredients! walnut, choc chips, choc bar..haha. 
Anyway like what i always did, i will reduce the amount of sugar since normally english recipe uses lots of sugar and the cake is always super extra sweet! So after about 45min the brownies is done...and wallahhhh it tastes good. Fudgy and sticky and chocolatey..but unfortunately still very sweet even for a sweet-tooth person like me! blerghhh i definitely must reduce more sugar next time!! The recipe uses white chocolate frosting, so i follow the recipe exactly and guess what...it becomes super extreme sweet that i can hardly swallow a bite. I decided to make a quick fix to the brownies...remove the whole white choc frosting and replace it with cream cheese frosting instead. It taste better but hubby said the brownies is already delicious on its own..without any topping :) Noted bos! To dear customers, i would like to announce that this lovely beauty is pass for production, roger me if you want to order ok :)
Introducing my new toys in the family. Bought it from Multiple Cubic via Groupon for RM25 only! what a bargain lahhh...super duper loving it to bits!

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