16 December 2012

bz like crazy but still surviving!

Works are really mean and is killing me every single sec nowadays. December has been really busy with so many projects that require urgent attention from the team. I am drowning with pending reports and whatnots, but i just couldnt put aside my baking activities. After all cakes have always been a great stress-reliever for yatipruzz remember? :p

Red velvet cuppies for colleagues and friends who wanted to have a quick fix yet didnt want to consume too much of it :p Tqs kak su, kak linda, azrin, hany ff, and yati koko for ur consistent support to myhotstove!

this cake looks awesome as the pic was taken from a DSLR i bet :p This is a large devils food cake with buttercream & blueberry jem fillings ordered by kak ija for her Muaz's birthday celebration at the kindy.

She requested for a simple deco for she planned to put Beyblade on top of the cake...as 'ordered' by the birthday boy :)

But beyblade changed to a superman and robot since both mummy n daddy forgot to look for it the night before! Even without beyblade the overall look still looks nice to me :) Thanks kak ija for the nice review, glad to know the whole guests enjoyed the cake :)

This is a super special large red velvet cake for my eldest...my first attempt trying the ribbon basket nozzle tip that i just got from Groupon. When i mentioned a customer wanted to put beyblade on her cake, he quickly changed his mind and also requested me to put beyblade, instead of Boboiboy as what we've agreed days before. I did ask him few times why he wanted rv instead of choc cake, he said...."hari tu aiman bawak red velvet mama dia buat..sedap kek tu...tapi idlan nak kawan2 rasa kek red velvet mama yg lagi sedap nih". Auuwwww son u really melt my heart with those nice words that i trust came from the bottom of ur heart :)

a mix of beyblade & angry birds...layanz sajelah!
Cake-cutting session with Ammar. Apparently his other friend also cuts a cake on the same day :)

with friends at the tadika
Happy 8th Birthday Muhammad Idlan Farhan! Mama n abah loves u with all our hearts muahhhsss!

A medium red velvet cake ordered by Hany ff to be brought off to a gathering 'kawan2 menjahit' as she said :) Now i seriously fall in love playing with the fondant! tapi beli ready made jer...takde masa nak buat dough fondant sendiri...tak kuasa ok!

lace swirl design on the sides of the cake

Thanks Hany for ur order..hope the group enjoys the cake!

A large devils food cake with cream cheese n ganache ordered by Aida for her division qtrly birthday celebration.
this cake was over-loaded with loads of choc chips n choc rice balls on the top...yumssss

the devils cake was accompanied by a red velvet cake....

that was reviewed as "sedapppp and became a big hit during the event...and cream ko sangat best". thanks beb for the good review :)
Last but not least, a small devils food cake for a sweet young preggie mommy for her hub's birthday. Thanks Asmahani for ur order..hope ur hubby likes it!


Smiley said...

beyblade tu apa ek?

y@tipruzz said...

gasing la beb...kartun glamer tuh :p