21 December 2012

Thursday, im in love!

Obviously many prefer Friday over Thursday since it is the last day of working for the week. But for some specific reason i was so looking forward for Thursday to come since the whole clan will be off for a short family getaway starting Friday :) What a relieved!!!

red velvet cup cakes for k.linda, k.su, haliza, huda and suhaila. thanks korang for ur consistent support over my product lines :)
devils food orange choc cake with orange cheese frosting. A repeat order from shelley for the same cake on her 5th anniversary. Katanya safiyya sgttttt suke kek nih...so kek ni ibu beli khas utk puteri-puteri kesayangan! thanks beb and congrats! i pray for more happiness and blessing for the many years ahead :)

red velvet cups ready....

now safely tucked into a sweet n nice white gift box...

close up from the side

to be given away to colleagues n bosses during an office function. thanks and congrats Aini for your excellent result!!..kitorang tahu ko mmg hebat :p I seriously enjoyed doing the packing tho it was lil bit tedious to assemble the box. Adala rasa feeling ala2 the wedding planner wakaka
dark choc brownies - half for my IT team and another half will accompany us on our journey towards up north today insya Allah. Kids obviously cannot stop munching over the brownies since yesterday..harap2 ade la baki utk di mkn dlm kereta hari nih :p

For those who are still working today, aduhai sila bertabahlah yer!
For those who are already on their way to somewhere, may u all have a safe journey towards ur destination.
To geng lunch, arghhh ai adalah sangat jeles tak boleh join korang berjimba ke bsc hari ni. Makan red velvet tu sila kenang daku in every bits n pieces of the crumbs tauuuuuu :p

till we meet again peeps, this blog shall remain silent until the end of next week :)


Zuraimah Ismail said...

Happy Holiday!!!

y@tipruzz said...

Tq k.ct!!!

y@tipruzz said...

Tq k.ct!!!

Ummu Auni said...

haha, kami dah mkn kek tadi. tapi sedih tak ada durian flavour huhuhu..

y@tipruzz said...

hehe aku pg ptg siang mlm mkn durian kat kg nih...i feel fat!!!