28 December 2012

JJCM Ipoh - Lost World of Tambun - Kulim

Day 1 - JJCM @ Ipoh town(21 Dec)

We started off our journey up North right after hubby finished his class around 11am. The journey was smooth all way long, and we safely arrived in Ipoh town after Zohor. Hubby set his Papago to locate the restaurant 'Mee Rebus Ramli' as recommended by some of his friends. It was pretty easy to find the restaurant, just took one exit before the Tambun exit and let the GPS did all the searching and hunting :)

You now arrived at mee rebus ramli restaurant and definitely must order its mee rebus right..so here it goes the mee rebus version special containing the chicken flesh as add-ons. Sangat mengenyangkan! Review - ok mmg sedap, reasonably priced at RM4.50 (version biasa), highly recommended :)
Kopi-o ais krim vanilla RM2.50 - this is super highly recommended. First time we encounter this kind of menu and of course hubby won't leave the place without having a taste on it. Perfecto! Now i wonder what it tastes if we combine teh tarik with ais krim vanilla :p
some of the line ups offered at this restaurant

and the complete list of its pricing

ignore the front-liners and do give focus on the back side of the pic :p

camerawoman of course wajib posing kan asyik amik gambar org lain jer :p  

Greentown Dimsum Cafe is where we had our dinner that night. Located opposite the Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh right at the center of the Ipoh town, this restaurant is certified-Halal by Jakim and offer varieties of dim sum and chinese-style food to please your taste buds. Sampai juga hajat org tu yg sokmo mengidam nak makan dim sum puas2!

Kopi tarik..mmg marvelous!

fresh orange - sedap but the portion is too small even for our 8-yo boy :p
teh tarik...so-so because to me is kureng manis
the place is quite comfy, simple deco yet nice to see and most importantly was very clean and not too crowded.
So here we go...our first dim sum of that night is.........prawn something la nama dia..haha i seriously cannot recall its exact name truly sorry for my poor memory hoho. Sedap ok...fresh prawn flesh inside the dim sum.

this is chicken something :p Sangat sedap. I'm unable to give you its exact name hence pls do remember its shape ya!
this i think is a combination of chicken-prawn something. mmg sgt sedap jugak! I guess anything that comes with chicken or prawn mmg sedap la kots :)

pau apa i lupa sudah. Haishh tak sampai seminggu dah tak ingat again thousand apologies!
nasi goreng kampung. Sedap and reasonable portion.
fried kueh tiow - also sedap but was not spicy at all. So sesuai utk kanak2 yg tidak tahan pedas :)

That's the end of our JJCM episode in Ipoh. Next i'll put an entry on our short family getaway at LWOT stay tune!!!


Smiley said...

series amatlah drooling!

Zuraimah Ismail said...

another place to go in 2013..kalau ada izin Allah... :) mee rebus itu amat menggoda...

y@tipruzz said...

Hehe tunggu update on puncak mutiara cafe plak ok :)

asz said...

Puncak mutiara cafe mmg superb!

y@tipruzz said...

Ayni org utara gak ke...kt mane?

norzatul shima said...

thanks for sharing.. nk gi ipoh nanti.. mmg tgh carik tpt mkn best² kt sane.. :)