28 January 2008

On Saturday, i felt like eating the super duper extra hot roasted chicken @ Nandos, so off we go to Mines nearing lunch time. As usual, we will not forget to bring bread since Idlan really enjoy going there, just sit there, watch and feed all the the fatty, extra-large fish (mostly ikan keli and kap). Abah got a packet of fish food from the nearby stall, and again we spent for another 20-30 min waiting him to finish up the whole packet.

On Sunday, we just stayed at home since abah needs to prepare for his class and whatnots. I did some spring clean on the kc and found few packets of muffin mix, almost reaching its expiry date. Despite being lazy, i forced myself to do some baking, plus everything is already there, just threw in some eggs, fresh milk and butter...and the batter is ready! Garnish with some chips and blueberry to add to its plain taste...and they turned up lovely as always :)

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