03 January 2008

year 2007

Best plak tgk si limau recap kan perjalanan 2007 dia...so let's see what i've done last year....

- officially moved in to our own house @ TS- 18 Jan
- first Idlan's trip to zoo negara - 3 March
- Abah's birthday celebration - 1 May @ Sri Intan PD
- Hot Stove came into live - 10 April
- Confirmed pregnant - 28 May
- Trip Kelantan/Terengganu - 31 May
- Breakfast with DAWO - 6 June
- Confirmed miscarriage and did DNC - 9 July
- Did some house deco n refurbishment (during my confinement) - July
- Abah's Mphil convocation - 11 August
- the series of severe gastrick attack during Raya Puasa - Middle October
- Made a big slack for my legal paper..bubye 4 flat - October
- The finding of gall stones :( - 30 October
- Kuching trip - 1 November
- Bandung trip - 19 November
- The completion of our garden/pergola/pond project- late november
- House warming+Idlan's 3rd besday bash - 1 December
- Confirmed pregnant - 12 December
- Melaka trip - 16 December
- the arrival of baby Huzaifah, idlan's new cousin - 25 December

Well obviously there was ups and downs throughout the whole year. I guess the highlight would be myself getting pregnant twice, and also the gall stones that still remains until now :(
And diam tak diam, am already in my final quarter of the MBA's journey...another 4.5 subjects to go and i'll be all free!

I just hope for a better health, and life this year...may year 2008 brings greater joy, health and happiness to all of us ameen :) anddd....i wish to go to Langkawi this year!


sikuLat said...

date birthday tahun nih.. best la nanti..


he hehh..

yatipruzz said...

a'aa la semahhhh baru perasan hehehe

kalo dpt a bouquet of roses lagi best kan kan (hint hint***)

mardhiah12 said...

berapa hb due beb..

yatipruzz said...

ntahla..aku tak cek pon lagi...roughly doc biasa tu ckp 17 Aug

aida said...

yati, harapnya tak kena zass lagi lak for the next delivery.. tapi sakit bersalin mmg menyengat tak hengat dunia oooo