01 January 2011

Food poisoning

I've been suffered from food poisoning since Thursday, up to now still has not fully recovered yet. I am now on ORS (tak suke rasa dia huhu) & pills for diarrhea. Hubby has bought 5 bottles of Gatorade (orange, grape fruit & cherry flavour) which its function is almost similar with ORS according to him. This one tastes much better than the ORS, like it so much hehe :p I still couldn't figure out what was the culprit, as far as i can remember we ate at IKEA's foodcourt last Wednesday, and i ordered the same food as hubby's (meatball, chicken 'something' with mashed potatoe, chicken wing & 2 slices of Daim cakes nyum nyumm!). My body still feel very weak, muscles ache all over, totally restless i'd say. Lucky me and the kids are now staying at my mom's house (hah that's another story to be shared...later), jadi tak payah masak and the kids have loads of fun playing with their nenek & atok (habis pokok bunga atok kena cabut hoho).

Obviously for me, this is not something good to start off the new year with, but to all my friends and readers out there, have a wonderful new year 2011. May Allah bless us with happiness, health, and iman, and may we become a better person than what we are today...Amin.

* tak sempat nak fikir lagi apa resolusi tahun baru 2011 nih tapi antara yg pasti, to breastfeed my Ammar till 2 years (itu adalah resolusi tahun 2008 time Firas dulu yg tidak kesampaian...)


ummi said...

there's chinese herbs that always work for me kalau kena cb. apa ke nama, tak ingat. in small pink packet. get well k.

puterikiut said...

pil chi ki tek on tak ok ke? Siannye.. Selamat thn br ye..

y@tipruzz said...

takut nk mkn chi ki tek on tu sbb bf...bley ke kak?

today cam dh ok alhamdulillah. minum ORS + gatorade tu dah berbotol2 habis hehe