30 January 2011


Finally after few attempts, i managed to upload my first Photobook project into their server. Now the status is 'in production'. Insya Allah i'll be getting it after the CNY, and it shall then be delivered (by hand of course) to my umi and papa, as their belated birthday gift :) Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

the cover (cilok idea semah tapi dah mintak izin dulu kan :p)

one of my favourite pages, featuring the two big brothers
So next project shall be a Photobook for our lil family safekeeping....ntah bila mau start tak tahulah lagi :p
Apa pun, special credit to my sifu Semah for her prompt and continuous assistance which enables me to completing this project...from the start she gave me a short and quick hands-on training on how to use the software, later she received loads of 'soalan tidak bijak' from meself, and many more, including tips and tools offered by the software. Thank u my dear Semah!!
Ok nite nite peeps, esok mau kerja!


Farra said...

wahhh bestnyerr dh siap

ini bermakna, aku lg la tak IT savvy dr ko..sbb semah pon ada ajor sket2 dulu, tp aku masih gagalllll

y@tipruzz said...

hehe aku bersemangat sbb ni hadiah besday special utk umi aku. kalo utk diri sendiri cfm lg aku malas :p Tak sabar nk kasi mak aku bila siap nnt, sure hepi dia tgk gambar cucu2 dia....

CT said...

wahhh tahniahhhhh..lepas ni leh la sit together natap2 photobook masing2...:)