07 January 2011

growth spurt - 3 months

I guess Ammar is now hitting the 'growth spurt' phase. He consumes more EBM at taska nowadays as compared to his usual milk intakes, which means I need to work harder to increase my daily output. In addition, he also wakes up more often at night, on average around 4-5 times though he never really fully drained out the breast on every feeding.

Oh I came across this one theory on breastfeeding that some of you may find it very useful:

--> Empty breast - high fat, Full breast - low fat

Which means your babies are getting more fat if your breast is not full. So make sure you empty your breast more often so that your babies are getting the most fat out of it :) Interesting isn't it? (honestly dulu saya tak pernah tahu pun :p)

Back to Ammar, he is now begin to accept breastfeeding in lying position. I've tried this few times since last night and he seems to be ok with it. Alhamdulillah, what a huge relief! At least i dont have to wake up, sit back and craddle him on every feeding which is really tiring and cause consistent backache to my body.


laydida said...

haa...kan dah kata. cepat plak growth spurt dia eh.

Zuedin said...

hihihihih blehla guna stok yg banyak tu