01 March 2011

TM News Release

I didn't manage to catch the VC session with our Dato' CE yesterday, hence i took an effort to open up the news release (disseminated via email to the staffs) and walllahhh this statement caught my attention most......(wink wink*)

In line with its continued focus on shareholder returns and capital
management, the Company also announced a proposed final gross dividend of 13.1
sen less tax 25% or approximately to RM351.5 million on top of the interim gross
dividend of 13 sen less tax 25% amounting to RM348.8 million distributed in
September last year. TM announced its plans to carry out a capital distribution
exercise to its shareholders of approximately RM1,037 million whereby TM’s
shareholders will be entitled to receive a cash payment of RM0.29 for every TM
share held. The total payout of the final dividend and capital distribution of
approximately 39 sen or RM1,388.9 million is expected to be paid in June 2011.

Syukur alhamdulillah what a nice timing!!! Loads of things awaiting on the upcoming June (read: cash outflow) and this is just perfect :)

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