20 October 2012

Devils food cake again?

 Alhamdulillah, Idlan has done with his sek keb's final exam! It's over n merdeka to both him and us yeayy!!
But, his KAFA exam is due next week, starting from Tuesday, then continue on Wednesday, then off for Raya Haji n continue with another 3 more subjects right after raya hoho. Tomorrow his school will be having a Hari Keusahawanan where there are events n stalls selling lots of things. I can see that he was very intrigued n keep looking fwd for the day, especially sebab ada rumah hantu!

Anyway, here go some of the bakes that i made last night n a couple of days ago. Kebetulan, all is devils cake...from small-medium-large size hihi. What a coincidence :)

for a colleague who shares the same hard n pain when it comes to work-related thingy. Only difference is that we're doing different commodities. She texted me saying that her mum loved the cake very much, termasuklah dia skali :) TQ dear!

For an old n loyal customer of mine, who happened to be our jiran since years ago. This is a devils food cake with buttercream. No cream cheese since her husband is a not a cheese fan..ish rugi rugi :p Kak Nor wanted to pair this with Elmo cuppies like what she used to order last time, but im just too lazy to do decorative cuppies...masa tak mengizinkan la kak...perhaps next time yer bila ade mood!

M&Ms forming number 4...tapi tak berapa jadi tskkk

A large devils cake for Hasnida, who happened to be a neighbour to our MMU friend Rahimi, and who happened to be my hubby's childhood friends n neighbour back in Alor Setar yesteryears ago! After a few round of exchanging emails, we later learnt that Hasnida is also a relative to Kak Fatin, my senior in MMU and now working in the same co, and who's hubby is sitting just next to me doing the same job! haha tergelak besar bila tahu hal nih...what a small world kan :) Looks like my cake is connecting n reuniting people :p

Ok peeps, off to prepare brekkie for the family. Tak tahu nk masak apa dah. Asal weekend jer mesti repeat pancake, waffles, or cucur bilis with kucai. Nak masak heavy2 makcik agak malas erkkkk

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