13 October 2012

Waffles recipe!

I had promised to Geng Lunch to share this lovely waffles recipe in my blog since last week, but due to work constraints n whatnot (ker bz tgk Adam Hawa kuikui) i've forgotten about this until tonight. Due to laziness i just snapped this picture from my hp and upload it here. Still clear and readable right? :) This is the largest image size anyway...couldn't make it any better.

Recipe taken from the Cuisinart recipes booklet, complimentary when i bought the waffle maker in Perth last June. Just for record the price is AUD85. Siapa teringin bolehlah kirim dekat frens yg duduk sana. UK price is about the same..so can kirim from ur frens in UK as well jika ada :)

This is a chocolate waffle, an adaptation from the above basic waffles recipe. I just put around 2tbs of cocoa powder to add colors into it. Alternatively u can opt for cooking chocolates which i presume should have yield a better chocolaty taste :) The kids always prefer the chocolate version above others, so harus la buat kan.

This is the result of the basic waffles recipe. A natural waffles color with ice cream, Hersheys chocolate syrup and twin chocolate chips on top. Sangat heaven i tell you, rasa sekali pasti nak lagi ahaks. I had this for tea-time, for breakfast of course we cannot allow the kids to pair these with ice cream. So they normally eat the waffles with chocolate syrup or strawberry fillings.

Yesterday hubby said in his gentleman way, next time around when i do this again i should give some extra whip and keep the batter in fridge so that when he feels like eating the waffles he can just turn on the waffle maker and do it himself. Good idea isn't it :) Farra said i can also keep the cooked waffles in fridge and heat them up using your bread toaster.

ok peeps, time off for now. My 3 (8' pan) RV is ready yeayyy can't wait to have them frosted with cream cheese next morning. Later will share the recipe if they taste good ok. If not i better just stay quiet and remove the recipe bookmark from my hp :p


Smiley said...

x penah lak try recipe dr buku tuh..ehh buku tu pon dh x ingat letak manaa

Ummu Auni said...

google je waffles. confirm jumpa recipe best

y@tipruzz said...

Next time nk try waffles pandan cam farra wat tuh