25 October 2012

Salam Eid Adha!

Here goes the final batch of red velvet orders for this week, and with this I will officially close the orders since I wanted to concentrate baking for the little kiddos in the house :)

This one is originally intended for kak Lin, a fren to my MMU fren Yanie. She texted me this morning saying that she got to go back to Terengganu urgently last night sebab atuk dia meninggal. Al-Fatihah to arwah atuk kak lin. She promised that she will get someone at her office to collect the cake on her behalf. Funny thing happened this morning when one of the AGMs at my place came to see me and told that her daughter came back home yesterday with a rv cake! (well the AGM actually has been eyeing for the rv cake that I made for my staff yesterday). He asked me if he wanted to order what is the delivery lead time (this is one of the commonly used terms amongst us in the Procurement team hihi). So I said give me at least 3 days advanced notice lah! Then he spotted the cake box on my table n asked ..haaa tu utk saya ke tuh? so I explained yg kek ni tak jadi diambil oleh owner nya sebab ada kes emergency. Dia pon tersenyum lebar and offered “okehh meh saya amik mmg rezeki saya nih!” then I said …betul ke haji nak nih…haji mkn ke kek yg bercheese2 nih? he replied…takperla saya tak mkn org lain bole makannnn. Isteri saya bwk balik ketupat blk kampung saya bawak blk benda lagi special!!”
tergelak besar saya pagi nih :p he really made my day teheee

and this last piece goes to a special colleague of mine, who happened to share lots of common interest with me. Hp sama, ring tone sama, suke online shopping handbag, suke dgr soundtrack lagu AH, dan sama2 giler terjebak dlm drama AH haha! Only different is that she’s one of the Aaronaters while am still not..at least not yet!  She once said that my rv is the best rv she had ever tasted..blush :p Thanx a bunch n hepi besday Kak Su! Moga sentiasa sihat dan dirahmati Allah selalu, moga bahagia dan ceria bersama Ilman selamanya. Dan paling penting, moga bertemu jodoh dgn orang sehensem abang AA hihi

Anyway im taking half day today. Will need to take care the kids in the afternoon since hubby got his lecture at 2pm. Still thinking what cake to bake for the kids. RV is a big no-no since firas does not like the red color :( He basically ordered a cake with choc chips and M&Ms on top…his usual favourite anyway..layan sajelah!

Happy Eid Adha to all my Muslim friends & readers. May u have a safe journey going back to ur hometown. We will be in Ampang, takleh blk Kedah since my eldest still hv 3 KAFA papers to go after the Eid. Can’t wait for this Sunday to come, it will be Geng Lunch’s gathering at Farra’s!

Selamat Berpuasa Sunat Hari Arafah (9 Zulhijjah) kpd semua. Jgn lupa berdoa byk2 bermula dari waktu Asar hingga sebelum Maghrib. Doa paling mustajab pd waktu ini. Jika puasa sunat, insya Allah ganjaran nya dihapuskan doa setahun yg lalu dan setahun yg akan datang. Allahuakbar!

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