31 October 2012

Recipe - Devil's Food Orange Chocolate Cake

The latest addition to myhotstove, this is an adaptation to the original devil's food chocolate cake recipe. With a little dollop of orange emulco, the whole cake transforms into a mixture of rich n sinful chocolate cake with a distinctive tangy flavour that is just perfect for a special occasion! If it is difficult to locate for the orange emulco, you may alternatively opt for fresh orange juice, or Sunquick orange juice.

A 1.5kg devils food orange choc cake with orange cheese frosting :) Sprinkled with some chocolate rice balls to give the contrast effect to its overall figure :p My mom, who is not a true chocolate cake fan surprisingly love this cake very much. Sebab rasa oren katanya :)

It's not that easy to layer the cake with ganache first and later followed by cream cheese. You surely don't want to spoil the shining ganache layer when spreading the cream, hence i use a piping bag to pipe the cream, line by line... next to each other. Remember not to pipe a very huge and 'thick' lines else you will find it difficult to assemble the second layer cake on top of it. Takut it slips away and runtuh :p

I also use the same orange emulco for the cream cheese frosting. Just put a spoonful of it and taste the batter. Later try to adjust the orange flavour according to your liking. Jangan bubuh byk sgt...takut nnt the orange flavour overwhelm the whole cake.

there goes the first cut-out of my first devils orange cake...kasik jiran di pagi Eid in return for her nasi arab :)

Next time i wanna substitute the orange flavour with strawberry and blueberry flavour..mesti sedap!


eLLe said...

waa yati..cam nak order jee...boleh kah??

y@tipruzz said...

Nnt kite pass catalogue wakaka gigih buat tuh :p