14 October 2012

Red Velvet Cake!

Red velvet cake ni sangat glamer kan setuju tak? Almost any famous bakers out there mesti akan jual kek nih. I've never like RV all this while simply becoz the 1st one that i bought from Delici*ous is absolutely fail i think! Dry & expensive..these 2 words really do not justify the price that i had to pay for a piece of rv from a famous chain. So ever since that, i remind myself not to ever buy a rv cake anywhere, or from anyone. Until i had my 2nd bite from an officemate who bought it from her home-baker friend. Rasa dia, ahhhh sgt heaven. Moist, creamy, tasty...barulah sesuai dgn nama dia...:)

And so for the past few days i've been searching n scouting for the best rv cake from the internet. Study the cake reviews, comparing the recipes, and finally decided to give it a try using Paula Deen's recipe (plus few adaptations from Southern Food recipes and few alterations n substitutes since i dont have all the ingredients called for the recipe!).

And this is the verdict. My first RV cake that is truly moist, velvety n sinful haha! 10x better than the one sold at Delic*ious :p I will share the recipe in my next post, but before that let's feast ur eyes with some pictures of my first rv. Hubby said he still prefers DFCC than this, but i think this rv is special on its own...same goes to any other cakes anyway :)

1st pan. I use 3 (8' inch) pan for the whole recipe..mmg byk! The cake is very moist, hence lots of crumbs left when i tear off the baking paper from the cake. Need to be extra careful when u assemble the cake..senang pecah sbb terlalu moist n fragile :p U can strengthen the cake lil bit by adding lil bit of flour to the mixture.

2nd pan
and finally, the 3rd tray. Letih tunggu woo..pukul 1am baru tido! I tasted the crumbs..hmmm not bad...tak sabar nk frost the cake on the next morning!

Now the frosting time!! Cream cheese as usual...penah ke rasa RV with ganache or buttercream? macam tak sesuai kan hihi

sprinkle with some 100s n 1000s. But it looks rather plain isnt it...

so i covered with some strawberries on top...comei la sket rupanya :p Now, refrigerate the cake in fridge to let it set nicely...jgn terus potong yer :)

my 2nd & 3rd layer were assembled to make another 1 whole cake. Saje taknak assemble all the 3 layers into 1 whole cake...tinggi sgt rasa cam tak best n susah nak potong. 

So from 1 batch of recipe i got for myself 2 whole cake of RV...best best! Lemak pon makin bertambah...haaa eat at ur own risk yerrrr sila ingat! I think the recipe yields about 1.5-1.6kg ++ cake...tak timbang pun. But honestly portion dia mmg besar.

Now let's peek at the inside...sgt moist ok. I don't use the exact measure of red coloring as per the recipe becoz i dont it to appear too bright..scary kalo merah sgt. Kids pon sure takut bila tgk! As such my rv version looks lil bit darker than the usual rv sold outside.

1 slice gone in few secs...then terus sambung the 2nd slice (hihi)

the 2nd cake with 2 layers n cream cheese in the middle. Sgt creamy dan menggemukkan! Next time if i bake this again i would love to make lots of roses to cover the whole cake. Baru tgk video kat youtube semlm sgt gorjes rupa dia!

my kids eating their mama's first RV! Ammar habis 1 slice. Firas obviously tak berapa suke sebab kaler merah n he said cream ni tak best la. Padahal DFCC also is using the same cream cheese recipe tapi bley plak dia suke giler kat DFCC. Idlan mmg suke sgt but whatever cakes mama buat pun mmg dia suke sebab dia tgh kuat mkn skarang nih hihi. And me? ohhh ai mmg suke! To me it's more like a chocolaty version of a red-colored cake :) But if u ask me to rank my preference, it goes like this...
DFCC-carrot walnut-red velvet-pecan butterscotch

Okla i still hv lots of ironing to settle. Esok Idlan ada periksa LINUS. Moga anak mama dpt menjawab dgn cemerlang amin.


Smiley said...

sedap3 :)

Haznita said...

Mmg sdp... Lps ni bw dfcc - carrot walnut etc ikut turutan ya...

y@tipruzz said...

Haha i dun usually bake on weekdays nnt paper antar lamat secretariat marah :p