18 October 2012

Kids and the hectic exam week

Alhamdulillah idlan is having his final papers today - sains & english. Tomorrow is Linus then merdeka for a short while until next week where he'll be having his Kafa exam on Tuesday n Wednesday. Break for Raya Haji celebration n continue again on the following week. Sounds tiring isn't it? Haha lucky we only hv 1 kid in primary else we may need to split up giving attention to each of the kid!

It was really a huge relieved when xm is over. Kids can go back to their normal routine..watching tv, playing ipad, fighting amongst them yada yadaaa. Me n hubby do not hv to sit next to our eldest accompanying him to do the revision. And me dun hv to copy the maths question again n again in the buku conteng n ask idlan to answer it over n over again. Merdeka to everyone in the house yeay!!

Oh anyway, firas threw us a maths question last few night which we ended up burst into laughter.

Biskut oreo + biskut kapten munch = ?

Go figure yer. If u're smart enough pls leave ur answer in the comment box tq!

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