11 January 2014

Azam 2014

Do more cooking! At least home made breakfast on weekdays n full meal on weekends :)

Eat supplements rigorously! Now i consume habbatussauda, executive B & calcium magnesium. Vit C skip2 sebab besar sgt. Kind of difficult to swallow with plain water :p

Mental-prep to be stress free so that i dont get migraine attacks as frequent as last yr. Health is wealth people!

Travel travel travel! With that i must do less shopping & divert more to my travel fund hihi

To encourage my eldest to do revision on weekends & avoid last minute study for exam purpose only!! Ohh this one he gets from his mama, so i must not let him continue doing so. Tak bagus!!

Eh banyak dah tu. Let's keep it until here, and see whether those are achieved and on track :)


LiTtLe^m3 said...

Jaga kesihatan juga kak.. our family also need us :)

y@tipruzz said...

Yer dik..kena.blajar handle stress. Esok nk wat full body cekup hopefully sumer ok

mak ude said...

ammar dh kurus sgtt

y@tipruzz said...

Eh semlm timbang dh naik 13.4kg :) mkn nasi rendang tambah 3x..today kari bawal tambah 2x :))