04 January 2014

Repeat JPO & our first time in Legoland!

The year-end school holiday is always something that every kid is so looking forward to. But honestly not only kids can't wait for December to arrive, even us the working ppl are as eager as the kids! The office environment turns mundane and not as hectic as the other months of the year, lots of ppl are taking opportunity to finish up their annual leave, and yesss it was a huge relief to see my calendar is quite empty with no scheduled meetings :)

And so on the second week of December (Thursday, 12th) we decided to take the kids to Legoland. Relying 100% on GPS to lead our way, we arrived in the Nusajaya town around 11am (after countless stops at the R&R sigh*), only to find that the queue to the Medini Mall's open car park (which is where most ppl who went to Legoland will park their cars instead of the allocated Legoland car park) was so damn long. After doing a quick mental calculation, we decided not to enter the Legoland on that day and re-route to JPO instead since we still haven't buy our entrance tickets, foreseeing that the queue to buy the tickets was long as well. Of course we had to deal with endless kids' questions and their sad faces of why we have to go elsewhere and not entering that place of their dreams :p Sabar ye kanak2 sekalian esok kita dtg awal pagi!!

So the plan for that day was changed to JPO. Our third visit since October 2012 :) I did not spend as much as i did during our first visit a yr ago, simply because we were quite broke after sending our cars for repair, and of course to allocate a large sum for kids' preparation back to school. Coach outlet pon tak berani nak masuk this time hihi

 my 2nd minion :p
 2nd n 3rd minions!

 my catch for that day hanyalah perfume! Am a good girl really :)
Firas posing with my body scrub glove

We stayed at the JPO until 3ish and later headed to our hotel to check in. This time we picked Oak Valley Boutique Hotel in Tampoi Indah which is only a few km away from Legoland. The rates are super reasonable, room is spacious, toilet is big, our only complaint is that the beds are so high from the floor haha risau takut kids jatuh :p But all in all this hotel is really value for money.

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