04 January 2014


Just like Disneyland and Universal Studio, Legoland is divided into several sections which comprises of different rides according to the theme.

Tips: Please get the park map at the entrance, watch out for the 4D show times and plan your tour according to ridesWe started our adventure from the right hand-side of the entrance gate, beginning with Lego City (driving school,  junior driving school, Lego city airport). We skipped the boating school, since the queue was quite long. Next we covered the Land of Adventure (Lost Kingdom Adventure - of which Ammar screamed his lungs out since we ride a vehicle in a dark tunnel and hold pistols to fire the 'not-so-scary' pirates and ghost figures hehe, Beetle Bounce, Dino Island).

 Beetle Bounce. We enjoyed this the most!! Takdela tinggi mcm Solero Shot kat Genting tuh..just nice la utk org penakut mcm i :p

Next is Imagination section. 
 Giraffe in bricks! Mmg nice and colorful.

 DUPLO Playtown
DUPLO Express

 Clown made 100% from lego bricks

We had our lunch at the Cafe at The Beginning and later proceeded for the 4D show. The food price is very expensive, a plate of nasi ayam costed us RM25! Something to expect if you enter a theme park of this standard :(

Royal Joust

This section is quite amazing. Lots of building miniatures made from bricks at MiniLand.

Anchor Watt - Cambodia

Stesen Keretapi KL

Lupa ni ape...tapi kat KL lah

Paling cantik...Taj Mahal - India

Masjid Putrajaya

 Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad - Dataran Merdeka. Cantik giler!

Eye of Singapore
 Adventure Depot @ the Land of Adventure. Yg ni mmg best and confirm basah! Sebab tu before naik siap2 pakai poncho. Naik bot dlm tunnel gelap, then menggelongsor bushhhh jatuh dlm air! Time bot jatuh tu almost 90 degree...tp sebab laju sgt tak sempat nak rasa terkejut or takut hehe
Albert Einstein @ the Imagination
 A show by Brainstormers - ala ala Ninjago @ the Lego City Stage

 Aquazone Wave Racers...yg ni best la jugak kalo nasib x baik mmg basah @ Lego Technic section

 Lego Teacup...yg ni aku mmg avoid from naik..confirm pening haha!

 Wrap up our day by taking the Legoland Express @ the Lego City

So to sum up Legoland has 6 sections altogether - Lego City, Land of Adventure, Imagination, Miniland, Lego Kingdoms & Lego Technic. 

Overall Legoland ni mmg best lah, budak kecik paling enjoy sbb byk rides to cater for junior kids. For kids as small as Ammar (below 3yo) they may not be able to enjoy that much, sbb byk rides tak lepas height dia hehe. Before balik kami pegi Gift Shops dia...as expected souvenirs mmg mahal giler lah. Fridge magnet kecik bukan main gambar org lego dah RM20...pejam mata jela bayor :p Tshirt kids RM50, adult RM69-80...yg tu kami tak beli rasa sayang nk kuar duit sehh. Tapi utk Firas kami beli jugaklah sehelai tshirt Lego Cima sebab ada promo RM25.

Lego Hero Factory...hoho yg ni mak ude blanjer bebudak tuh...RM44 ok!

Helicopter kecik and buaya belah kanan tu RM10 each. Buaya tengah tu <RM20.

So sape belum penah pegi, bolehlah try pegi. Insya Allah kids mesti hepi. Tapi bagi kami, takdelah sampai nk repeat berkali-kali...next time igt nk plan repeat USS pulak sbb dulu ride Transformers tak sempat naik uwaaaaa



Smiley said...

kome ni mmg peminat theme park la eheheh
transformers dulu awat tak naik ek?
so genting ah tak layan ek

y@tipruzz said...

Queue pjg sgt n tak cukup masa lg pon ammar takleh naik dulu. Ala janji kids hepi makpak pon ofcoz hepi :)