04 January 2014

Legoland here we come!

Like i said in my earlier entry, the hotel that we chose was really value for money. It was located right in the same row of shops, clinic, restaurant, laundry, etc. Senang nk cari makan. But one thing that we were so grateful for chosing this hotel, that very first night we had to visit Klinik Adham for Ammar's neb session. He had a sudden asthma attack around 9.30pm after series of jumping on the hotel's bed with Firas. Lucky the clinic was still open, and they have nebulizer in place. Ammar vomitted once that night, but syukur he slept through soundly towards the next morning.

Friday (13th) came and it was actually our 10th anniversary! Hepi anni sayang!! Well celebrating our anniv at Legoland with the kiddos was not that bad, it was really meaningful (of course takdela can nak beromantika bagai kan haha) and i'm happy and grateful that we're still together and still able to make the kids happy :)

After taking a heavy breakfast at the same restaurant that we had our dinner last night, we headed straight to Legoland. Arrived there around 8ish to find that we were the first visitors entering the car park on that day! haha

So we mingled around the Medini Mall to kill the time, which is connecting direct to the Legoland. Parking rate is RM1 for weekdays.

 Also taking lots and lots of pictures before the entrance gets crowded with other visitors :p

The ticket booth opened around 9am (or was it 9.30am? sori dah lupa!). Hubby secured our tickets within just few minutes since the queue was not long. We used the Oreo biscuits vouchers in which kids got free entrance for each normal priced adult ticket. So we bought 2 adult tickets at RM140 each and got 2 free tickets for the kids :) For our BIL family, hubby bought their tickets from a travel agent (Rosmanizah Abd Rahman) thru FB (adult RM95, kids RM65). To our luck Legoland is having a promotion in conjunction of the upcoming Christmas, so we got another 6 free tickets for entrance in January 2014! rezeki anniversary :p

 The red Lego mascot waving n shaking hands with the visitors before the gate opened sharp at 10am.
family photo
with the yellow lego mascot

 Kids' first ride of the day - driving school!

 This one utk abg2 besar. 7yrs above

will continue later ya :)

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