22 January 2014

Easy n quick apple & sausage puff!

Another simple n healthy menu that works best for ur morning brekkie! I seriously continuously took a peek inside the oven during the baking time, just to see how the pastry do its puffing n magic :p
Give it a try. I'm sure u gonna love it :)

For the original recipe and descriptive steps by steps, pls refer HERE.


  • 1 whole Sheet Puffed Pastry, Cut Into Half Or Thirds
  • 4 whole Apples, Cored, Halved, And Sliced, But Not Peeled
  • 1 cup Brown Sugar - i used lesser than 1 cup, takut manis sgt
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • lemon - half
Note: i didn't follow the measurement as indicated, pakai campak jer. 

 apple slice yg tak sama bentuk..belasah jer. it's not easy to slice thinly n evenly u see :p Then squeeze some lemon juice over the sliced apples. Add salt and enough brown sugar, fold the apples evenly.

i cut 1 pastry puff into 2 small rectangles, and arrange the apple slices, allowing some space at both sides so that the pastry can puff up nicely.

these are sausage puffs. added some chilli sauce and grated cheddar on top..marvellous!
 ouchhh see the burnt? lesson learnt, do not put the cheddar from the beginning. You can added them halfway thru the baking..baru tak burn hihi. Nak cover hitam2 tuh kita bubuh cili sos lagi on top :p

 Now let's see the apple puff! Tak secantik mcm dlm resepi asal tp takper, rupa comes second! hihi pujuk hati :)

Now sprinkle them with lil bit of icing sugar...haa baru nampak cun sket n convincing ala2 kedai bakery. The verdict? mmg sedappp tak caya cubalah!

Instant pastry tu i guna brand Kawanku. U can find it at Tesco, AEON, Carefourre and any other supermarkets at the frozen food section.


atulhani said...

nak buat gak lah camni.. haih.. akak ni bagi resepi macam2 camni.. habis diet i ke laut kkekeke

y@tipruzz said...

Mlm jgn mkn nasi lah hehe. Yg ni kids kureng layan...akak suke!