03 January 2014

My very first Churros!!

Wott wott it's my first entry for the new year, and it's going to be about food haha nothing new for those who knows me well :p

Anyway the road to office is really traffic-free. Parents are still taking leave to send their kids off to school, especially for those who has kids entering the standard 1. As for us, Idlan is now on morning session for his sek keb, he becomes a prefect this year, and as of yesterday he said he enjoyed his new life :) Ammar will be joining kindy together with Firas starting next Monday. Trust that he will enjoy his kindy moments and has no issue to adapt with his new friends and teachers.

Me? Nothing new or interesting to brag about. Still working in the same department, doing the old good things hehe. Despite of the hectic schedule, i actually enjoyed my current jobs, hence no reason for me to go out and seek for other opportunities. Oh well, this year we're finally going to fly! oh yes yes yes!  Penantian selama setahun sgtlah menyeksakan haha. We just settled booking our flight to Jeju yesterday, we even have made some changes to the flight time with no additional penalty charges whatsoever, instead siap dpt refund lagi super cool la Eastarjet!! 

Ok let's get back to our main topic. I decided to try out making churros on last wednesday evening. We had our first taste on San Chocolatier Churros during our trip to Fremantle, Perth on June 2012. Lama dah kan! If i can recall correctly, they serve the churros with varieties of dippings to our choice i.e. milk choc, dark choc, white choc, sugar, etc. We chose churros with milk chocolate dippings and it was heck very very sweettttttttt...orang kelantan ckp manis leting!! Lepas minum air pon masih terasa kat anak tekak kemanisan dia tuh ish ish. But the churros was good (and the price was super not cheap i warn you hehe), at least something new utk org Mesia yg tak penah mkn nih. But when we got back to Malaysia i just got to know that we also have churros in Malaysia! walaweiii ape la sengal sangat sampai beria-ia nk rasa churros Fremantle :p

So now let me introduce to our first home made churros. Recipe taken from Dapur Mamasya. It was super duper easy, but watch out on the tepung part as it's quite tricky and needs you to adjust accordingly using your instinct! hihi

Sumber; Dapurmamasya
Oleh: Yatipruzz

1 cawan air
1 sudu makan gula
1 1/2 cawan tepung gandum - saya bubuh 1 1/4 je (i put 1 cup only, kalau terlebih your batter will thicken and it may be difficult to pipe them later)
1 biji telur - size L (kalau batter tu macam susah nak pipe, you can add another egg or maybe only half to smooth the batter)
1/2 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu makan butter
#Gula+cinnamon powder atau hot chocolate (i use dark chocolate Beryls, mmg sedap and tak manis)

Didihkan air, garam, butter dan juga gula.
Kecilkan api. Masukkan tepung.
Kacau cepat2 agar tepung tidak berketul2.
Angkat dari api. Masukkan telur dan kacau sebati.
Panaskan minyak.
Masukkan adunan ke dalam acuan (boleh gune nozzle bentuk bintang dan masukkan dalam piping bag).
Picit dan potong panjang ikut suka@ picit dan bulatkan macam french crullers.
Goreng hingga keemasan.Angkat dan toskan.
Taburkan gula+cinnamon atau celupkan ke dalam hot chocolate.

Mula2 pipe dlm pinggan, but later i found it difficult to transfer into the kuali, so plan B adalah pipe terus dlm kuali! mmg la panas sket tapi kena tahan la yer :) Api jgn besar sgt, nnt churros tak brown equally, silap haribulan burnt plaks

nyum nyum...rupa dah cun! Bila rasa...walawei mmg sodappp! rugi tak gugel resepi dr dulu :)
Dia mcm rangup di luar, lembut di dlm. Texture tak sama macam cakoi, or donut, or apa2 jela. Unique on its own omputih kata.

Kids suke choc dip, i prefer castor sugar+cinnamon. Lagi rasa fresh!

1 batter tu dptla dlm 15 ketul medium-long churros.

itu dia meleleh-leleh...jgn cicah byk sgt yer kanak2..nnt kencing manis.

Yesterday i buat lagi second round, sbb rasa tak puas. Kali ni buat pendek2 sket, so dpt la byk ketul sket :)

So happy trying ye kengkawan...resepi wajib tahun 2014 ni tau!!

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