26 January 2014

Embarking into new things in life

1. Do more exercise
2. Learn about gardening
3. Bento-ing

So that's the start-off for this new year.
We had a great family-bonding time this morning at Lake Valley. The morning breeze was cold with super nice weather, kids enjoyed watching fish inside the lake, n i had finished off my morning jog at 2.2km with 122 calories burnt. Tho it was followed by having roti canai at a nearby mamak restaurant afterwards haha

Thanx to my circle of friends aka geng lunch, i think i wanna start to learn about gardening. Hubby is pretty good at it, so it's good if both of us can share n inculcate the interest together. We bought pokok limau kasturi, cili padi, mangga n kangkung seeds. So lets pray they grow well n add some greens to our small compound. I have few more in my grow-to-list...bawang and daun sup. Tapi kena beli extra tanah dulu this weekend :)

Hubby said he was happy that i determine to make breakfast for the kids everyday. To us it means less spending for breakfast at the office. Assuming u spend rm4/morning, so that would mean a saving of approximately rm80 per month! Campur masak dgn kasih sayang some more, ehemm that adds to unmeasurable satisfaction dont u think? :) Harap2 mode rajin continues selama yg mungkin! Hihi


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