13 April 2010


Dlm course yg saya attend baru2 ni, master trainer ada mengajar kami 4 benda yg merugikan pihak syarikat:
- No complain
- No blame
- No excuse
- No gossip

Tried my utmost best not to fall into these 4 negative traps nevertheless i eventually burst out yesterday due to this one hatred incident which caused unnecessary stress thru out the day.
Imagine i enter this one meeting as one of the approval committee. The tender exercise was handled by my colleague, as such he couldn’t become one of the approver. This one chairman lady entered the room (dahla lambat!), suddenly bombarded me with so many false accusations, blaming my colleague, blaming the whole team in our division, telling me it was us that caused the delay in delivery of the items, bla bla bla. I was like .....helloooooo, i’m an independent party ok, i’ve got no idea on the whole thing (obviously because i’m not the one that handled the tender), why am i being bombarded with all those negative charges by the way? She’s lucky enough i don’t know the history and chronology of the tender as such ku terima jela...telan sehabis-habisnya and being a ‘professional’ and for the sake of courtesy, i apologized on behalf of my colleague and said i’ll do my best to find a solution tho it seems impossible sebenarnya :p

After the meeting i finally managed to reach my colleague, and he told me the story from A-Z and know what, sebenar-benarnya staff minah tu yg punye salah, yg menyebabkan delay and whatnots, and it got nothing to do with our team. Tak ke malu gitu? Dahla marah dan kutuk org tak kena tempat, serbu tak bersebab, anda rasa patut ke saya maintain ‘no complain, no blame and no gossip’ to this kind of people?? Shameful of her, even her staff admits yg ‘oh bos aku mmg camtuh, ko terima jela...”...see i wasn’t the one that gave that unfavourable judgement towards her...org lain pun camtu.

Sungguh pelik yet true. Again i just couldn’t imagine how i could’ve work with this kind of people.
cepatla jumaat!!! Makin lemas rasanya huhuhu


laydida said...

oh siapakah manusia itu. izzit someone i know? kat tpt kitorg dulu ada spesis manusia mcm tu..tapi pindah ke finance/group procurement (tak igt) sometime last yr *gosip, gosip!* >:)

y@tipruzz said...

her staff is our friend back in mmu :p

she is someone you might've encounter for work-related matters, but it's better if u dont know her at all ahaksss

laydida said...

erghh penting utk tau..bole buat mental preparation :P

Ummu Auni Afif said...

hehe, duani TM ni kecil je. esok2 org yang dimarah tu jadi bos nko, tak ke naya, ahaha

y@tipruzz said...

huda- takperla...let's keep it to myself jela...gossip takleh lebey2 ekekeke. Bak kata my ex-bos, cuba berprasangka baik ke atas setiap yg berlaku/manusia...so i suppose she's having menopause kot :p

eni- ya ampun mintak2 dijauhkan!

ieka said...

yati, boleh juga jadi terbalik.. u jadi bos dia.. ahhaha *being optimist :P*

y@tipruzz said...

ieka...that's gonna takes about 8-10yrs lg kot akakaka which i may not be here anymore :p