23 April 2010

my boy

Off topic from GC kejap ok, dah masuk opis ni taleh nak compose blog panjang2...tunggu weekend kita sambung pasal GC.

Last two night me and the two boys (abah was away for a volley match) were watching tv when suddenly idlan started this conversation that startles me a lot, left a huge impact deep down inside.

Mama, idlan rasa bila dah besar takmo kawin la...
Then i asked...kenape taknak kawin?
He replied...sebab nanti nak duduk dgn mama, jaga mama.
Then i said....tapi nanti bila idlan besar, mama dah tua, macam atok, nek umi, wan, tok....tak lama lepas tu mama mati. So idlan kenala kawin...lepas tu ade baby.
He said....idlan takmo mama tua, takmo mama mati.

After that he immediately recite a doa sounds like this...ya Allah ya tuhanku janganlah kau kasik mama ku mati...amin.

Truthfully I was touched and sad...that conversations kept on repeating in my head, while driving, when am doing my work, etc. It was a pure and honest revelations uttered by a six y-o kid....see how much our kids love us yet we still scold them, push them away for attention and whatnots....maafkan mama ye anak2 ku sayang...mama loves you with all my heart n soul.....

I hope Allah will bless me with good health and long life, so that i can take care of my kids and family till they've grown up and can be on their own....amin.

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LiTtLe^m3 said...

ya allah.. almost crying jugak baca entry ni. mcm mana la perasaan org yg directly impact cam akak ye aduh...