03 February 2012

(8) The Baked Brownie

These are dark chocolate brownies, my top pick as well as Idlan's.
I'm using Beryl's all the time...sedap dan paling penting not too pricey :p

the cut-outs for kak Nurra, my officemate in return for laksa johor that she made for me :)

A complete set of the angry birds - cukup 5 kaler...but afterwards idlan mentioned that the green one is not in the group.

si kuning...

si hitam...the bom

the white one looks tad bit brutal lohh

bird's eye view - the complete version

Esok cuti panjang weiiiii syiok syiok!!!


aida said...

gambar kek kau membuatkan i terlioqq

Farra said...

angry bird ni boleh makan ke hape? motif? eheh

y@tipruzz said...

tak la...patung mainan. biasala bila sejam duk kat yummie memacam tingin beli :p