01 February 2012

Hari Wilayah...

- begins with a simple brekkie that was cucur bilis Adabi.
- 1st pumping session done in 15min before 11am.
- Head off to TGV Cheras Selatan for Sumpahan Kum Kum (ok jgn gelak, ni je yg paling best buat hari ini rasanya!), hb settled for a couple seat for a show at 11.45am.
- Had a quick 15min lunch at Subway next to the TGV. Hb chose meatball marinara while myself had turkey breast n chicken slice. Sedap banget!! Cookies dia pon sedappp :)
- Watched Sumpahan Kum Kum till the show ends around 1.25pm. Okla, takdela takut sangat but still ai kejap-kejap tutup mata bila hantu keluar tsk tskk...
- Had a good 15min window shopping at Jusco. Bagus, nafsu masih terkawal hence no damage done.
- Sharp 2pm we both split in our own way, hb went for a meeting while myself shot to Yummie to top up my bakery supply. Diam tak diam i spent close to 1 hour dekat situ and the damage? biarlah rahsia arghhhh
- Reached home around 3.40pm, and did another round of pumping after solat. Actually pumping and FB run concurrently :)
- Lepas solat asar, nesting in the kitchen for 1hr++ baking brownie and prepare dinner. Siap buat 2 version of dinner lagi...macaroni goreng for the kids, mihun goreng with vege and extra chilli for us.
- Sapu living hall in 5-7min, clean the dishes and segala tok nenek dlm sink, fetch the kids from taska at 6.40pm (ouchhh dah lebih 6.30pm, terpaksa bayar OT nanti!).

When i recalled the activities, it's more like you are in an 'amazing race'. Buat itu, next ini, lari ke sana, pecut ke sini...all in one day.

But when you are back to work, practically you'll just be sitting in front of lappy for a 'good' 4 hour++ before lunch time, then lepas lunch duduk balik tgk lappy sampai ke petang. Probably do lil bit of exercise when a meeting is held next to your building. Or doing some mental therapy when there's a bazaar on the ground floor on certain occasion. And settle for something 'extraordinary' lunch at MV or KL Sentral on Friday that's near your pay day.

So now tell me, which one sounds better? Duduk senang lenang depan pc dlm air cond sehari suntuk, atau berlari ke sana ke mari macam org bz giler penat toksah ckp la but deep inside you know you've done something and enjoy doing loads of things to the fullest?

lagi best when seeing ur hb eating 2 full plates of ur home-cooked dinner complaining u're ruining his diet but at the same time he gave u big compliments like 'this is the best mihun goreng i've cooked for him so far" haha

Priceless kan??? :p

okla cut the crap. esok kena keje as usual hoho


Ummu Auni said...

aku??? habiskan assignment yang tak habis pun lagi, huhu.

y@tipruzz said...

ko asemen ape beb?
mu mmg rajin blajar la..tabik spring!!!!