08 February 2012

(9) Cream Puff

Sangat azab okay membuat cream puff during weekdays. Buatnya lama, tapi part makan tu kejap je lesap!! Berjiwa nak tunggu bakar, then potong tengah, then pipe kan cream dia, then nk deco sket2 atas tuh...the steps are actually pretty straight forward, but tedious...apekah????

60pcs cream puff for a neighbour..kata dia, mak dia tingin nk makan cream puff si yati...aduhai lemah bila dengar ..terharu pun ader!

the 4th batch of the night went into dustbin! sedey okay nak wat camner kan. Even tho i've made cream puff many times before, there are occasion where the batter just went wrong somewhere which it was difficult to explain but it happened!! tsskkk

On the following day i made my 5th and 6th batch of cream puff, this time it's for mom!! Umi mmg suke cream puff nih (actually anak dia yg suke sgt2! hehe)

I personally believe the strawberry and blueberry drizzle puts some dramatic effect to its overall finishing, which makes them look extra enticing! :p

Moral of the story, no more taking cream puff order on weekdays ok!!


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