25 February 2012

Bepanthen ointment - a must-have for nursing moms!!

This magical ointment truly works wonders on me.

Of late I keep on experiencing sore nipples, both sides, which every time when it comes to nursing I was like ‘ouchhh’ or ‘arghhhh’ or ‘adoiii sakitnyeeeerrrrr’…errr things like that. Those who never had this before, you may think I sound somewhat exaggerating. But wait till you have it (janganla doa kena) then you’ll understand why a nursing mom must have something to become their constant companion to cure the sore.

One of my friends who also bf her son introduced this cream to me. First time when I used it, it took me around 5-6 days to cure completely, that after several days of surviving medication-less. You may apply once, twice, or as frequent as you want, at your own convenient. I love it because you can still continue breastfeeding your child without having to clean the area prior nursing. Pretty effortless isn’t it?

Before I forgot, this magical ointment actually carries its main tagline as below:
NAPPY RASH – DUAL ACTION – Everyday protection and healing of nappy rash

Hah, teruja tak??

Here goes more explanation on the cream:
Bepanthen ointment protects and gently heals damaged by nappy rash. It is also suitable for caring and treatment of sore/cracked nipples, dry, chapped, and cracked skin and other minor skin injuries.
Menarik kan cream ni?

Anyway I am not representing any company, nor do I gain anything out of this entry.
Just feel that someone might benefits from this posting.

p/s: tq Hayati Jamil, this post is dedicated to you :)


Smiley said...

aku guna beepathen sejak anak no 1
sebabnya hospital kasik free

yatiscloset said...

untung la gitu :p
aku beli 30g rasanye dlm rm8++ jer so takde lah mahal...

laydida said...

must have item. mmg guna since dpt irene..ada mcm2 jenis kat rmh. yg kecik simpan dlm 1st aid kit utk bawak g traveling hehe.