17 February 2012

my wish-list! cakes of course :p

It's Friday peeps! Tomorrow is Saturday, Saturday the weekend yeayyy!

I have few baking list (it got to ‘few’ after hours of scrutinizing n prioritizing hoho) to do over the weekend, all going to be new recipes taken from the net and friends. Can’t wait!!! Wanna have a look at my list?

- Carrot cake – thanx to my baker fren Farra for the recipe…tak sabar beb, I got fresh walnut in hands already!!! Alamak tapi carrot belum beli lagi iskkkk

- Victorian sandwich cakes – nyummy nyummy, belum buat dah terliur, bila dah buat apetah lagi!! Haha

- Oreos brownies – arghh this one also looks very tempting. Imagine a marriage between dark chocolate for the brownie layer and oreo biscuits with its vanilla cream crushed into the batter…adesss meleleh!

- Oreo truffles – damnn this one truly salivating it’s like love falls at first sight. Giler mengancam!

That’s it for this weekend. Surely I won’t have the time to try out all, but I vow to give them a try very soon :)

Wait for the outcome ya peeps! If you can’t wait, go figure now! The pics are all truly enticing arghh now u wanna blame people who posted the pics on the net plakksss?? :p

p/s: my lunch geng just now commented 'ari-ari makan nasi lemak eh'. So what's that supposed to mean? well let's put up this way... I will still be having my cakes as usual but promise NO nasi lemak at all for next week! janjiiii! If u can afford all the sweets, u sure can afford taking no extra cholesterol from the nasi lemak won't u :)

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