27 February 2012

cuti panjang

Hari ke-6 bercuti. Starting wth compassionate leave last week, and today utilizing my annual leave to care for my youngest. Lil Ammar looks better now, but still refuse taking anything except breastfeeding. kurus sudah anak mama! huhu. Now u'll know how important breastfeeding is mommies!!! my son didnt take anything for 2 consecutive days oredi but still running up n about, only consuming his mommy's milk...thanx Allah for your gift!! to all bf mommies out there, keep on bf your child the longest u can okie!!!

I expressed my worry and concern to the attending doctor today since Ammar refused to take any solid since Saturday evening, and he said this to me....no worry mama...your son is having all the nutrients he need by consuming your milk.

Now i have Bepanthen the magical cream to soothe my pain, i also have the precious gift running inside to protect my baby's health all the time, and it's free. Syukur.

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