15 February 2012

the little chef to be

Of late, this little boy who shares the same birth date with his mama (ehem ehemm sila jgn lupa!!) keeps on saying “firas nak jadi chef”. First time when I heard that I was like’ wowwwww’ bagusnya!! Mama dia tak dapat jadi chef, kalau anak dpt jadi chef alangkah bahagianya !!! boleh mama makan kek puas2 everyday hihi.

Few months back I downloaded some baking video (specifically there’s about 4 different videos on how to make muffin) on the ipad. I notice he will play the video again and again, after few rounds of playing his favourite games on the machine. Sometimes I took a peek at the screen and when I saw he was actually watching the baking video instead of playing games, I felt contented.

Ada harapan cerah ni!

my sweet n cheeky amir firas, who's a wife to hubby's friend commented 'boleh tahan nakal yer your second son nih'.

his favourite pose --> sengih luas-luas, exactly like his pak long :p

But beware, there’ll be few risks coming along the way.

Dulu one of the ‘holder’ that cling to my mixer has broken down when he puts his hand behind the bowl while the mixer was still running (kalau ada org nak hadiahkan mixer utk hadiah besday tahun ni best giler!!)

When I decorate cakes for order, this boy will come into the kitchen, asking for some sprinkles, stars, chocolate chips n whatnots.

He often takes the chance to steal my M&Ms when opportunity arises.

Those to name a few…..

Well, of all my three boys, he always become my permanent companion whenever I do baking. Seronok juga bila ada peneman tapi teman yg mengacau??? Arghhh you wouldn’t want that in the first place :p

Here’s my little chef in the making….i support you son! Amin………..


LiTtLe^m3 said...

pada pendapat saya memang sesuai sebenarnya orang lelaki di kitchen. sebenarnya.. kerja di kitchen berat juga.. kalau lelaki tenaga diaorg lebih... ye la buat kek memang seronok.. lepas tu bab cuci mencuci tu kan... huhuhu bab tu saya selalu ngelat... hubby memang selalu tolong basuh.. i cakap kat dia "u jugak yg suka nak makan kek panas2 keluar dari oven kan :P"

y@tipruzz said...

u're one lucky wifey dear!!

akak rasa ramai laki jd chef bec they're quick n smart unlike women yg sgt teliti n particular in their works. sbb tu pompuan wat keje slow hehe