29 May 2010

Ad-Din Sports Day 2010

Alhamdulillah, sports day Idlan berjln lancar despite cuaca dan terik matahari yg sgt panas.
They started as early as 8pm with marching and teams' cheer. Later the kids lined up in their respective teams, and performed some 'senamrobik' before the team leader climbed up to the podium, to read ikrar and recite Syahadah. The 4 and 5-yo kids continued with some shows + pom pom, followed by the 6-yo performing some taekwando steps. Later after some speech by the principal and student's rep, the game begins. Idlan entered the 'lari berhalangan' and 'susun tin', and his team won both. The final game which was 'tarik tali' was a tough one, but at last idlan lose to the blue team. Overall, yellow team ranked the last...tapi takpelah, everyone gots a medal :) It was close to 11am when the event finished...mmg penat!

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