03 May 2010

Hepi Besday.......

to my dearest Hubby!

I wish you all the best in your undertakings.
May Allah bless you with all the good things in life, and after.
Thank you for being such the bestest life partner, who understands and accepts me
the way I am.
Thank you for being a super dad to our kids, i owe you a lot!
Thank you for everything Yang...me and the kids can never have a better lives without you.
We luv you loads....muah muahhhssss!!

p/s: taun depan kita gi jalan2 lagi ehh :)))

sesi potong kek dekat rumah Umi sabtu lepas.....


tini said...

happy birthday pruzz! :)

Farra said...

kek tu nampak sodappp! happy besday pruzz

Anonymous said...


mak ude said...

b.oih, happy besday!!