26 May 2010

site visit

Supposed to go to Malacca Satellite Station next week, to accompany vendors for a site visit.
Nevertheless i gave an excuse to my user not to attend the said visit, after a casual conversation with my colleague. He said probably that place is not suitable for a preggy mommy like me, considering the wave/or heat or 'whatever it may be' emitted from the satellite. Aha that idea is practically good actually, in fact it never hits me in the first place :p I glanced again at the proposal paper, our local vendor actually needs to transport the thing to France (the principal manufacturer) for the repair & maintenance works.

I smiled from ear to ear and told my colleague....beb kalo france aku rela pegi site visit tu despite all the wave/radiation/god-knows-what hohohoho aci tak??


tini said...

kalau ko dapat g france harusla aku jeles :)

y@tipruzz said...

kalo aku pegi sure dah kecoh sekampung akakaka
kalo nak wat paper pon
sure x justify :p

Anonymous said...

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