08 May 2010

ice cream anyone?

I wish i can have a waffle maker in the house, so that we can indulge ourselves with these as much as we can :))

And i guess this is happening only when we let women to take charge of the groceries. Instant gratification ke farra, or it's more like satisfying my endless cravings?? :p Daz is wayyyy too expensive for my pocket, and being the usual calculative i am, i just ended up with these 2....worth it la kan!

So what's your Mother's Day plan peeps???


Farra said...

utk food takpe la masuk ke perutt...aku pon tingin nak ada waffle maker, tp i bet u kalau dah ada jarang guna ekekke

y@tipruzz said...

sbb tu rajin beli kat A&W sajerkkk ehehhe