26 May 2010

food galore

Kek lapis sarawak dah selamat order from adik farra...insya allah next week bley ngap!

And today i already knew what's coming up next...............

jeng jengggggggg.............

Pulut kuning + kari ayam

Insya Allah akan termaterialize this weekend. Dah siap buat talian hayat kat umi tanye camner nak buat pulut kuning :p

Ok don't laugh don't laugh...

we've been married for nearly 7 yrs;
pulut is one of my hubby's top fav;
and yet i never cook pulut on my own;
blame me not, for i can always get my umi to cook one for us everytime we crave for pulut kuning :p

But this time around, my umi is not around this weekend for she's going for a vacay again with my papa, my head kept on thinking about pulut i dunno why, i dunno any fav spot that sells delicious pulut kuning, as such i think the best way is for 'tuan punye bdn yg craving tu' turun dapur masak sendiri :)))

so what's your latest craving peeps??


Farra said...

pulut mangga! tapi dah buat n makan last week eheh

y@tipruzz said...

beb, sesuai ke aku mkn pulut kuning+mangga? hehehe alang2 dh wat pulut tu kan.
mangga tu mangga muda ke mangga dah masak eh?

Farra said...

sesuai jek...mangga masak tau..buat kuah dia skali