23 September 2010

mixed feeling

The thought of separating bed with Firas when this lil baby is out truly makes me sad.
Especially when i look at his serene, cutie face lying down next to me every night, deep in slumber. He's just 2 years and soon will become a big brother. Pity him isn't it?

I don't feel the same during Idlan's time, since he has enjoyed all the care and attention by the two of us for nearly 4 years before Firas entered into our lives.

Really hope the two of them will enjoy the presence of this lil baby, and that they appreciate and love each other unconditionally :)


Ummu Auni Afif said...

lawanya layout baru :D :D

y@tipruzz said...

ye ke (kembang kuncup). 1st time tukar skin sendiri & menjadik! kalo idak sure harapkan semah jer :p

zeti said...

ala..hentam je tido ber4 ngan firas :D...tp katil kene satu side kat dinding la utk tak rase katil tu terlalu kecik :D

y@tipruzz said...

firas still bgn mlm 2-3x...ngan bby lg nk minum susu, zombie kang aku pepagi :p

zeti said...

baby je ko jage..firas tuh, die bgn jer..ko usik2 manja pruzz suh die yg bgn handle :D ..so level kezombie-an akan dishare bersama :D