21 September 2010

work from home

It can never be any better than to be able to stay online and work from home, not worrying about having to beat the traffic, to leave home early to catch the free parking, etc...ahh such a bliss!

By the way, my 39th pre-natal check up went smooth this morning, the baby is ok, weighed around 3.00kg++. Still not engaged, but my gynae says that does not indicate anything cause there are cases babies engaged few hours just before labor. Again she recalled about me and Firas sharing the same birth dates and how beautiful our dates was ( i just smiled :p). Then she asked whether i have any specific dates in mind (for this lil baby) and i quickly replied "No!". Please doc this time i dont want to be induced hihi...let it be natural yer! She offered me MC should i wanted to stay and rest at home, but me being a 'shy' person says 'takperla doc saya sihat lagi rasanya'. (Anyway my hubby was few minutes late to join the check up, and usually he was the one that asked mc on my behalf hoho).

To be honest, i still feel responsible to settle whatever works that are still pending, though works are still works and there can never be an end to it right? So i made a call to my bos, explain to him and nego with him whether i can just 'work from home' instead of taking mc....and taking into consideration the distance between menara tm-hospital an nur, my bos agreed yey!

So here i am, working online from my comfy sofa and just finished eating my 'crunch' ice cream.
Heaven kan? akakaka. But the only not good things about working from home is that you need to utilize your own h/p to make calls to your colleagues/vendors/etc...and that you have no access to the copying/fax machine. Other than that, semuanya best!

Anyway, i've sent the handover notes via email to my bos and pengganti, but she'll be only taking over once i deliver. She just came back from her maternity leave, and coincidently she also gave birth at An nur, also for her 3rd baby. We talked for nearly 1/2hr, and it was such a relieved to know that you're passing your job to someone that you can relied upon...lega rasa!


Farra said...

lambat nyer ko wat handover notes..aku salunya 2 wks be4 deliver dah buat dan pass..lps tu dh tade mood nk keje ekekke :p

tp kalau anak2 ada umah menganggu jugak le

LiTtLe^m3 said...

jadi.. insyaallah dpt join open house besar2an taman akak tu la?

y@tipruzz said...

lamat la handover sbb aku still buat keje2 aku. ni pon aku sentiasa update everyday notes tu...

anak2 of course antar nursery la beb!

baiti - ehehe jumaat ni open house tuh...cfm la kite join kalo x beranak lg kan :) esok mlm pon ade open house...ahad ni pon still akan pegi 2 rumah kalo tak bersalin lagi!

Farra said...

yati, aku beli beg coach yg tipu tu baru guna 2 months ni macam dah nak terputus tali...tal sukanyer!

agak2 kalau beg coach ori tu kan, ko rasa tahan bape lama ek

y@tipruzz said...

ko tunggu la sampai coach aku rosak ke ape ke nnt aku update hihi.

aku pose beli coach setaun la...semlm wat budget 2011 macam terkedu tgk kos baru, dgn bertambah bby baru+kos abim idlan yg sgt mahal tuh hoho no more coachie2 after this :p