18 September 2010

projek laman 2..con't

It was quite surprising to find that we had actually bought these loads of stones years back when we first developed our 'laman'. Such a tiring job as i need to scrub the dirty stones one by one, lucky the 2 kiddos became my loyal helper :)

Cleaned already! Quite a lot aren't they?

as bare as padang jarak padang tekukur :p
thanx to hubby yg sampai sakit pinggang mencangkul all those grass and trees.

The remaining uncleaned stones which i have no idea when we'll continue to clean... tengok pon dah penat, what more to start arghhh!! Not sure where to keep the stones later on...hubby said mane der org jual guni, ye ke? Anyone interested to buy the stones? we're more than happy to sell those at super-cheap price :)

Anyway, we've confirmed with this one mamat named Faizal to have the small area to be fully covered with tiles, he promised to do the job earliest by next Tuesday. We also requested him to 'cement' the remaining area behind our kitchen. Fees will be RM350 for the front laman and RM350 for the kitchen, quite reasonable la tuh. We bought the porch tiles at Sg Chua, RM2.20 per piece, pattern exactly the same as our existing, only that the color is slightly different probably due to different batch of production. When the porch is all-tiled, then only we can start scouting for some 'pokok pasu' and whatnots to add some color to the front 'laman' hehe. And as for the dapur, yes i am determined to 'plant' or 'buy' pokok cili, daun kari, serai, pandan, limau and whatever pokok that's easy to take care of. Jimat duit nak masak kari petik je daun kari dari belakang rumah :p

Well just to share some facts, yesterday i cooked nasi lemak and used pandan leaves taken from my umi's house few weeks back...surprisingly the pandan leaves is still ok, unlike the one that i bought from kedai runcit where after few days it got 'berkulat' already! So what does this tell you?


eLLe said...

kite pon plan nak beli batu2 tu tuk court yard, tp xtau la ni projek bile bleh laksanakan sbb byk kena setel..hehe..

Farra said...

aku gak tade plan for laman improvement..everything is enuff rite now