17 September 2010

Petite Four

Scrumptious and tempting aren't they?
These are what i had for dinner last 2 nights at the Alamanda Foodcourt.
It's not actually petite since the waffle is big enough to be shared with the four of us, very thick, soft and fluffy inside. Topped with 4 different flavours, perfect enough to indulge your sweet tooth.

banana nuts-blueberry-peach-strawberry

si baju hijau tu main korek2 ice cream je, waffle x layan


aida said...

oh aku suka waffle kat alamanda tu

y@tipruzz said...

beb ko ade maker, can alwayz do varieties on the toppings...jeles den!

aida said...

hahah tapi kena rajinnn :P