18 September 2010

Sweet Chat Cafe

We went out to Mines for tonight's dinner. As usual, our first spot will be the fish pond, letting the kids to feed all those huge cat fish.

Next shall be our main agenda - Sweet Chat Cafe that is!

tropical punch for us...

and ice chocolate with vanilla ice cream for the kids :) -rm8.90

I particularly wanted to dine in here just to have this - its famous durian pancake...a-must-try okeh! -rm7.90

and not forgetting this -scones paired with butter & strawberry jam. Also highly recommended! - rm6.90

Another dessert of the day - bubur pulut hitam with tong yuen. Not bad...rm6.90

Main dish - BBQ cheesie meltie...sedap!! -rm9.90

2nd dish - baked mac n cheese. Sedap banget...it's idlan's all-time favourite as he can walloped the whole plate all by himself on every visit to this cafe :p -rm10.90

and this boy, happily jumping here n there...ate nothing but the ice choc and ice cream only.

Upon my request, we later add on our order with another set of scones and pancakes. Ahh this time around baru rasa puas. Now the mak buyung is more than ready to go for labor...no more cravings yer :)


aida said...

hahaha.. bila nak bersalin ni..

y@tipruzz said...

edd lamat lg 26hb :p
minggu ni still keje cam biasa...

ntah2 baby ni nk tunggu 1.10.10 kots hohoho

eLLe said...

waa cam sedap je..musti cubaa gak ni b4 deliver..hehehe..

Farra said...

edd ko 26? mak hai..dh dkt tu! kalau aku bersalin 4 days je awal

seriyes mmg trigin gak nak gi cafe ni
shell jom!!!

wei ko start le amik mc esok..sbb aku salunyer gitu la..week terakhir tu mc keh keh :p

y@tipruzz said...

esok aku cek up..tgkla doc ckp ape.

aku cuma doa waterbag x pecah kat opis jer kalo idak caner aku nk drive akakaka. Kalo kuar tanda darah bley tahan lg la kan :p

pegila SCC ni ade kat midvalley ngan times square sama...wajib try pancakes n scones dia tu tau!!

ieka said...

kat midvalley pun ada kan?
pancakes durian tu sedap.. really recommended tapi bukan utk farra la kot.. scones, tak suka sgt.. selalu kami pergi makan kat situ mesti makan beef pasta.. best!