21 July 2010

30th weeks....

Last few days i've made some effort to look out for Firas' old clothes during his baby times. All clean and nicely stacked in a big storage box. Take out the cloth one after another, and alhamdulillah i think all are still nice, looks ok and wearable for his adik. I may just need to add some more like new sets of mitten n booties, and that's it. Satu penjimatan kan!

And yesterday, after few minutes of blog hopping from few online baby stores, here goes my list of items to buy in preparation for our next baby:

1. Bumble Bee 5oz bottles (8 bottles)
2. Medela breastshield
3. Medela valve head & membrane
4. Medela tubing
5. Stylo mama ice packs (3)
6. Jamu

The cheapest bargain i found so far is from www.onebabyworld.com (website given by Farra).

I still have lots of 'bekas dadih' which was bought during Firas's time, this can be my EBM container during the confinement. Oh ya, apart from the above, i also wish to get a pouch sling but this can be purchased somewhere later...saja nak merasa jadi mama bergaya carrying the baby with a sling around the mall :p

On another notes, tomorrow is the 'big' day. Can't wait to go back home and see the final outcome!


Farra said...

nk beli jamu apa? aku cam teringin nak pakai paling mahal dlm sejarah aku berpantang = NR

ummi said...

yati, akak ada unused medela breast pad. sama ker dgn breast shield ek? kalo the same thing, akak nak juai.. muraaaahhhh muraaahhhh ajek.

also dry icepack tu. i have one sheet.

pasal jamu plak, i used to take NR. mahal tp best.

and oh oh... that pouch sling i oso have. guna sekali jeekkk.. kalau nak beli 2nd hand bgtau akak ek. in very good condition.

y@tipruzz said...

dulu guna NR jugak.

breastshield x sama dgn breast pad. Shield tu yg corong tekap kat B tuh hehe. Ice pack saya igt nak beli 3 terus.

Farra said...

oo..ko pon guna NR ker..aku je la yg tertinggal bot keh keh

ha shield tu mmg lain dr pad...pad sy dah sedekah kat org lain

Anonymous said...

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