29 July 2010

bebelan di pagi khamis

Agak-agak patut merajuk tak bila org tu nak pegi match volleyball on my birthday?
Disebabkan itu, terpaksala kita potong kek sehari awal.
Macam ni kena mintak kek 2 tingkat baru berbaloi ekkk??? Bwh utk mama, tingkat atas utk Firas :)

Anyway, our initial plan to invite neighbours and close friends for Firas's birthday may need to be scrapped off (tho i've listed down the menu like few weeks ago & have bought the ingredients to make the cake & cup cakes :p). Both of us just don't have the mood for anything now. Me too tired with the work loads, stress with 1001 karenah of some users, i couldnt stop thinking about the baby's breech position tho some say it's still too early....yada yadaa. MOH is pretty tight too with work n whatnots. So we may just hold a makan-makan amongst family members, exactly like last year. Of course we'll still buy the party packs and hang the balloons since both my kids luv balloons very much, in fact they can really fight with each other just to win over one balloon!

On unrelated note, does any one know where to get a nice and modern-look standing lamp which is not too pricey?

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