15 July 2010

This has arrived yesterday.....yippie yeyyy!!
A lot more larger than my previous one, this time around i took the ruler and measure first before placing the order...to make sure the size is as big as what i expected.
It shall be my last purchase for this yr anyway...no more bags after this plizzz!
Let's move on and concentrate on baby items plakss lepas ni :p


ct_nurmarlissaa said...

comeii nyerr.... i aderr TAG u...harap2 sudi2 lahhh yerrr terjah blog i

Farra said...

boleh cayer ker on last purchase? ngeh ngeh
nafsu preggers sukar dibendung :p

ZurratulAin said...

purchase katne nih yati? tempted!!

y@tipruzz said...

farra - nafsu bley dibendung kalo poket kering hehe

aina - marilah ber'ebay' :p